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DLSC is a software company specialized in Java-based product and framework development. We develop our own products and support other companies with our consulting services.



FlexGantt for Java (Swing)

FlexGantt is the most advanced Gantt charting framework currently available for Java / Swing. It uses a very high abstraction level, which allows it to be applied in various and often very different domains such as ERP systems, production planning and scheduling applications, manufacturing execution systems or project portfolio management applications. FlexGantt and its predecessor framework DJT have been used and tested by hundreds of professional planning and scheduling applications. The customer list contains companies such as Siemens, Boeing, NASA, JPL, Lockhead Martin, Raytheon, Kuehne + Nagel, SAIC, General Dynamics, ABAS, Bauer, etc...




Collapp for Project Planning

Collapp is a solution for collaborative project planning. Its goal is to have project leads and project team members all use the same tool. This way everybody is always informed about the current state of the project. Users can be members in several projects at the same time, they can also be regular team members in one project and team leads in other projects.

Collapp is a client / server solution utilizing the Glassfish application server (can be replaced by any JEE compliant app server). The client is a fat/rich client, which can run anywhere where Java can be run. Java 6, EJB 3.1. Deployment via Java Webstart or standard installer.

Collapp 1.0.0 has been released on October 5th, 2012.



Award Winning

FlexGantt is one of the best-selling components at ComponentSource.


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Download a free and feature-complete 30 day trial version of FlexGantt to conduct a proper evaluation.

We are sure that FlexGantt will be able to convince you of its suitability for your planning and scheduling application.

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